Why This Cause

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

All proceeds benefit Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. This organization was chosen for their concentration on research.

The mission of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is to fund research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. So far, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has contributed 8.5 million dollars toward research and has identified more than 70 genes linked to the disease…and they’re not stopping until there’s an end to Alzheimer’s.

The research projects they fund are based on a 4-part roadmap, which they believe is the quickest way to a cure:

  1. find all the genes that contribute to risk for the disease;
  2. figure out which ones contribute the most and have the best prospects for treatment;
  3. determine how these genes actually lead to increased risk;
  4. and find the drug therapies that can most safely and effectively disrupt this link.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund was founded by three families.  These founders underwrite all of the Foundation’s expenses, so every dollar donated goes directly toward funding research.

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