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Behind The Race: The All-Too-Familiar Story That Started Running 4 Answers

The saddest part is, my story is not unique. Many who read this will have similar ones to tell. Noticing that my mom wasn’t quite right was a scary revelation. Realizing that it was happening at age 55 was terrifying.
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Running 4 Answers’ Inaugural Race Recap

WOW.  If we could only use one word to describe the inaugural Running 4 Answers, “WOW” would have to be it.  An event that sounded like a good idea 10 months ago, turned into a very windy, but perfect morning that welcomed almost 300 runners, walkers, spectators and volunteers had 138 runners, 77 walkers and raised about $21,500 for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.  Not bad for a first try.
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Who Said Planning A Race Would Be Easy?

We knew it wouldn’t be. Between kids, husbands, games, work, dinner, homework, one cat and one dog; life was already chaotic enough. But we also know it will all be worth it.
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